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Written by Amy Hoyle   
Thursday, 28 July 2011

Iglesia Metodista: Ruben Dario, Nicaragua


2013 Short Term Mission Trips

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Ten years ago a small group of folks from Norcross First United Methodist Church set out on a mission trip to Leon, Nicaragua, led by Senior Pastor, Dr. Jim Lowry.  While working in Ruben Dario, a small community just outside of Leon, the team found that poor children were being fed out of a bar.  Troubled by this, the team vowed to make a change.  They believed that no child should learn to go to a bar to get their needs met.  That was the beginning.

Many changes have taken place since that first trip.  Dr. Lowry was promoted to District Superintendent and has since moved on from Norcross First, but NFUMC had found its passion.  Multiple NFUMC teams travel to Nicaragua each year and continue to make a difference in that community.  The vision has grown into a fulltime passion.

Our mission in this community is simple, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help improve the quality of life to the people there. NFUMC funded and built the first Methodist church in the area.  From there, we run a feeding program for approximately 200 preschool children, five days a week while school is in session.  In addition to the feeding program, each child in the school receives a multi-vitamin daily.

Our goal is to work with, not for, the people of Ruben Dario, and we’re accomplishing that by working directly with School Superintendents, Teachers, Doctors and local Community Leaders.  Regular, ongoing supplies of medicines have been donated to Dr. Alonzo Medina and to the local clinics, as well as thousands of dollars of school supplies donated to the local schools of Ruben Dario.  Teachers from our Norcross congregation are going into the schools there to share best practices with local Nicaraguan teachers and to help teach their children.

In addition to working with the leaders in this community, NFUMC has built a community center, upgraded or built new schools and we are currently building new homes, kitchens and digging latrines for needy families there.

NFUMC installed two “Living Waters of the World” water filtration systems - one in Dr. Medina’s clinic located in Ruben Dario and the second located in the nearby community of Williams Ferretti. Dr. Medina is now able to dispense clean water to the people of these communities on a daily basis.  For the first time ever, thousands of people in these communities have access to clean water!  Praise God!   Clean water training and many various seminars are conducted at the Ruben Dario clinic, as well as at the schools and through the church.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our mission in Ruben Dario, we openly welcome you.  For more information, contact Pastor Terri Hoye, Pastor of Administration, Evangelism & Missions at Norcross First United Methodist Church (770-448-4142, ext. 105) or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


To date, NFUMC has sent 403 individuals to serve in the community of Ruben Dario.  Many are repeat short-term missonaries, as close and personal relationships have been established over the past several years.  We will have at least one more team to go this November and I'm hopeful to have a prayer team go down in August.

Church:  Ruben Dario Metodista Iglesia was constructed throughout 2005 and was concentrated and opened September 19, 2006.  The church continues to be a beacon of light in the very poor community of Ruben Dario, serving as a place of worship as well as a meeting place for various activities that serve the community.  Pastor Jose Tellez serves as paster.

Police Station:  NFUMC works in association with strategic community leaders who live and work in Ruben Dario.  We work closely with the police department, supporting them through upgrades to the police station and providing them with much needed supplies printers and computers.

Schools: Norcross is very involved with the local schools in Ruben Dario, again, providing teacher-to-teacher training, class instruction, VBS for the younger grades as well as providing much needed teaching supplies. 

Feeding Program:  The Methodist church has been running a feeding and vitamin program for the local preschool, providing one nutritional meal for approximately 200 children.  All meals are prepared at the Methodist church and are delivered to the preschool each morning, five days a week, when school is in session.  Each meal is accompanied by prayer and a multi-vitamin.

Medical Clinic:  NFUMC has been very instrumental in the development of the local Ruben Dario clinic - once again, providing thousands of dollars of much needed medicine.  NFUMC teams have provided doctors, nurses and non-medical volunteers to assist Dr. Alonzo Medina with patient care, educational seminars, adminsitrative assistance, as well as physical upgrades to the clinic.  In partnership with Living Waters of the World, NFUMC also installed two water filtration systems, providing clean water to thousands, in two communities.  Provision and distribution of "baby bundles" are another favorite ministry that NFUMC helps faciliate out of the Ruben Dario clinic. Donations of baby blankets, clothes, diapers and various newborn items are collected, bundled and distributed to young mothers who often have nothing to even wrap their newborn infants in.  Each distribution is in association with an educational seminar on parenting.

House construction:  NFUMC has provided labor and funding to rebuild or repair 13 homes in Ruben Dario.  Latrines and exterior kitchens have also been constructed at the request of the community leaders.  Families who recieve assistance are selected by Dr. Medina and other community leaders. Priority is determined based on need.  Typically homes that are selected have multiple children, expectant or single mothers.  The program works much like Habitat for Humanity, where family members are required to assist in the build.  Lives have been transformed through this ministry.

Funds for these various projects have been provided through NFUMC's Faith Promise. Team members are responsible for their own trip, travel and expenses.

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